About Us

So what's our story?

What is WEtailStore?

WEtailStore is the first full-service crowd merchandising platform. YOU choose and fund the products you’d like to see in our stores, and WE manage everything else involved in getting them sold! Then you get a share of the profit! It’s a hassle-free way to build passive income through a managed omnichannel retail business.

Our Mission

At WEtailStore, our mission is to build the next generation ecommerce store where everyone can get involved without the hassle of running a traditional retail store. We want to build a retail chain where everyone can get involved in and belong to! We want to build a retail chain that everyone is passionate and excited about! We want to build OUR retail store!

Our Team

Our core team consists of 8 professionals and has over 70 years combined experience across digital, technology, group buying, ecommerce, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and marketing industries.