How It Works

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    1We source unique products and list them in our portal.
    Brands and interesting products that you won’t find in the local market.
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    2You fund the products that you believe would sell well.
    Fund as many or as little units as you wish. Test your market insight on what products will sell well.
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    3If enough people fund the same product, we'll stock them for the next season.
    YOU get to decide which products are suitable for the Australian market and have the potential to sell well. It’s like group buying that a deal goes LIVE when the target is met, and you get full refund if your products do not get shortlisted.
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    4Your products will be sold in our shops and online store for a season.
    Our shops and online store will be stocked with products of YOUR choice! We’ll take care of the hassle including sourcing, staffing, rent, sales and marketing, warehousing and shipping. You can help by telling your friends about your products to maximise the chance of them being sold out.
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    5You get a share of the profit when the season ended.
    The total profit is split accordingly based on your share on the particular products. 8% commission is charged and the remaining goes to YOU.
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    6The cycle starts again for the next season.
    New products are listed on our portal for you to choose from for the next season. The shops and online stores will be set up with new products and run for another season.
Plus you can earn extra commission through our Affiliate Program!